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In the year 1990, God placed upon the heart of Rev.Johnpaul, a passion to reach the people of India with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The India population is made up of 90% Hindus, 7% Muslims and only 3% Christians. There are 900 languages and 3000 castes. India population at present is 1250 million. In India 80% of people live in 600,000 villages. 50% of people never heard the gospel of Jesus. 500,000 villages have no gospel preachers. This is the land the "Favour the Helpless Mission" is dedicated to reaching for Jesus Christ.

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L = Love Jesus

I = Instruct Disciples

F = Friendship with Believers

E = Evangelize the lost

The man of God " JOHN WESLEY" Said, you have only one business on earth to save souls.